Splash of Love to the kitchen

When designing your kitchen there has to be a unique point of attraction and feature that catches ones attention. Food is major part of your wellbeing and health therefore it’s important that where the meals are being prepared the space should be decorated and designed to inspire a fruitful outcomes. A kitchen is a place where you can show your sense of style and personality.

For those of you who want to achieve a more thematic kitchen filled with colors, you can use your favorite shades of paints, patterns and textures that suit your liking. Bright shades like pinks, reds and purples within a neutral background can add that little splash of love to the Kitchenette. In a large kitchen space you can get away with dark shades of paint on accent walls while lighter shades are better off for a smaller much snog spaced kitchen to avoid an over bearing busy look to it.

Using diverse range in texture on tiles and counter tops can add to the beautify the space of the kitchen but it is important to keep in mind the overall color combinations are not contradictory to the patterns used in tiling or wood works on flooring as well. There is no right or wrong in creating your dream kitchen as it is a place to explore the endless possibilities of design and décor in mind.

It’s fun to decorate with all the traditional classic patterns, designs and decoration from all over the places in the world. Sometime the designs and décor can reflect by combining the unique wonders of flora and fauna in one space. Blend of eastern and western patterns and designs can bring the world to your kitchen.

With the green kitchen environment on trend one can easily get hold of natural materials that are earthy and decent for the sustainability of the future of mother earth. Material such as stones and wood that can be given a new look by just adding on a rose gold or brass antique finish on rims, edges, legs or handles of kitchen furniture can revamp it according to the latest styles and trends. So add that little splash of love to your kitchen design and décor and make memories to create that homely warm environment and that special connection with you and the meals to create an experience of a life time to follow and cherish!


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