Furnishing your guest room – Some ideas

Guest room can be a wonderful addition to any room since it is a gathering spot for guests and family members. Decorating a guest room should not be so costly but one has to make sure that it is elegant and comfortable .

The first consideration for the guest room should be the atmosphere or mood that you want to create. Do you want to create a cozy room or want to keep simple but comfortable and relaxing at the same time. Since the room is mainly visited by guests so it is not a bad idea for the room to reflect your personality. You should the colors , fabrics and other decor items carefully and come up with items that reflects you and the overall home decor.

When furnishing a room, you should consider whether the room will be permanently a guest room or if you can convert the room into a guest room easily. If you need to space for an office, then you can consider purchasing a futon, instead of a full bed, so that you can prop the futon up and give yourself more space in the room without having to move large pieces of furniture around.

Here are some considerations to think about when furnishing and decorating your room


It starts with cleanness , before you decide about the furnishing and decor it is vital to clear the room of any existing furniture. Once the room is clear of all existing items ,it should be vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned so it is measured as a blank slate.


If the room had any existing furniture before clearing , give that a consideration. If you had any extra furniture like sofa ,chairs , beds , tv unit at home , they can be considered as well. Giving thorough consideration to existing furniture can be a cost effective strategy, and you won’t have to buy all pieces at once.

Neutral Decor

Since the room is mainly for guest , the decoration should not be so frilly. A neutral decor with natural and warm colors can provide comfortable feelings to any one staying there.

Storage Space

Guest can often stay for an extended period of time, so it is always a good idea to consider extra storage options for the room. The extra storage can be in the form of a dresser or some space space in closet.

Extra Linens

Extra linens such as towers, clean sheets , blankets etc should be easily accessible by guests. While showing your guest the room , you can point out where the extra linens are place, so they do not have difficulty locating it later.

Other Accessories

Some extra room amenities can make the guest experience at room more delightful. A radio , television , artificial plants can make the room more welcoming. Proper lighting arrangements , a reading table and chair , arm chairs, desk lamps can further enhance the room experience for guests.

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